The Quickie Real World Strategies Series 

Part 1

(2 min read)

When you can give your clients real-world, immediately applicable strategies that support their goals, you’ll produce better results.

That will lead to an increase in your impact and your income. 

To support you in that quest, we’ve created this series of practical, science-based strategies you can share with your clients as you guide them to their goals. 

This is the first installment of our series. 

Now, many clients will come to you seeking weight loss, so this article will focus on a strategy to help control appetite. 

We’ll start with the science and then cover the strategy. 

The Science:

Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) is a hormone that plays a key role in pigmentation, has anti-inflammatory effects, and most importantly for our discussion, suppresses hunger

MSH is released by ultraviolet light to the eyes. 

Sunlight contains UV light. 

The Strategy:

Safe exposure of the eyes to UV-containing light, ideally sunlight, will stimulate MSH release. 

MSH will bind to receptors in the brain and keep the appetite in check. 

With appetite better regulated, your client will find consistent compliance with their weight loss plan to be easier and more enjoyable. 

To sum it up…The Summary:

  • MSH is a hormone that reduces hunger
  • MSH is stimulated when the eyes are exposed to UV light
  • Regular, healthy exposure to sunlight can stimulate MSH, making your client’s weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable

One sentence takeaway:

Daily, safe exposure to sunlight can help regulate your client’s hunger, making their weight loss journey easier.