The 15-Minute Wellness Coaching Session

(Template Included)

(5 min read)

Once you complete the 360 Wellness Coaching Certification, you’ll see the recommendation that your behavior coaching sessions are 15 minutes in length. 

At first glance, you might ask:

“15 minutes, really? Are 15 minutes enough to actually have an impact?”

The answer is yes when it’s done correctly. 

The fifteen-minute session length is intentional.

Here’s why and it’s a two-fold answer involving both strategy and tactics.


When clients are eager for results, coaches are often trying to tackle too much at a time.

They want to make sure the client is: 

  • drinking adequate water
  • ingesting sufficient protein intake
  • following a meal plan
  • meeting their micronutrient needs
  • timing meals correctly
  • prioritizing sleep
  • training appropriately
  • managing stress
  • supplementing properly
  • and on and on and on and on and on and on… 

It’s a strategy of taking everything on at once. 

And for the vast majority of clients, it’s a recipe for failure

That’s why we adopt a different strategy with 360 Wellness Coaching. 

Instead of diffusing attention to so many different targets, you’ll be aiming at the minimal effective dose (M.E.D.) by focusing on a few select habits at a time. This approach makes consistency far easier on the clients. 

Additionally, choosing just a few targeted areas to focus on instead of addressing everything immediately makes the 15-minute session far more plausible. 

So, simply shifting the strategy to a more effective approach makes the 15-minute timeframe more realistic.  

But it’s still only 15 minutes, so how is it done? 


The key to success with a behavior coaching session is the same as the key to a good training session: a well-thought-out plan.

After all, if you want to maximize the effectiveness of a training session, you go into it with a plan.

The same is true of a 360 Wellness coaching session. 

That’s why in the 360 Wellness Coaching Certification, you receive structured templates that you use to walk your client through each session.

Here’s one of the templates included with the 360 Wellness Coaching Certification that we use in actual sessions: 

☝️ 360 Wellness Coaching System – Second Session Template Preview

Each step is thoughtfully laid out for the trained coach to execute with their client. 

And each template has been designed for and implemented in real-world 15-minute sessions over and over again. 

You can be sure that you can execute it in the 15-minute timeframe because it’s been done again and again. 

So, is 15 minutes enough? With the right strategy and tactics, 15 minutes is the sweet spot to be effective with the client and efficient with your schedule.

To sum it up…The Summary:

  • Narrowing the focus to just a few targeted habits during the behavior coaching session dramatically increases sustainability for the client and dramatically decreases the time demand for the trainer. 
  • Having a well-composed plan to address each behavior coaching session drives both efficiency and efficacy. 

One Sentence Takeaway:

Selecting a few targeted habits and following a proven template makes the 15-minute behavior coaching session both effective and efficient.