Conversations with Clients:

“How do we do this faster?”

The following conversation is an example of how a 360 Wellness Coaching Certified Fitness Professional can address a client who is seeing results but wants to accelerate the process.

Setting:  A room off the training floor for the second meeting with a Behavior Coaching client who is seeing some initial progress toward their weight loss / fat loss goal.

Client: I’m so happy to be seeing progress. Thank you.

Coach: I’m excited you’re doing so well.

Client: I have a question.

Coach: Shoot.

Client: How do we make this go faster?

Coach:  That’s a good question and one I hear often. Let me start by sharing that regardless of how fast anyone makes progress, they want it to go faster.

Client: (Nods head in agreement).

Coach: And I think it’s important to revisit where we were before we started working together. You were frustrated with your lack of results, so you came to see me. And now you’re seeing results. That’s great.

Client: That’s true. It’s way better than the frustration I was experiencing before.

Coach:  For sure. With 360 Wellness Coaching, my mission is to guide you on a sustainable path that you can achieve AND then keep your results. I don’t want you losing the weight and then putting it back on.

Client: Me either!

Coach: Remember our motto of consistency over intensity that we discussed in our first session. It’s tempting to ramp up the intensity of our approach, but not if it sacrifices consistency. That’s what most New Year’s resolutions and diet attempts look like. And the vast majority of those don’t end well. 

Client: I’ve been there. Good point.

Coach: Now, I want to reassure you that we will continue to pursue the strategies that match your personality and tendencies and that we will adjust and add to those as necessary and at the fastest pace that you can sustain. But I think it’s also important to acknowledge that we’ve only been working together for two weeks and you’re already down X lbs.

Client: Yeah, that is super sweet.

Coach: So we will continue to adjust and refine our approach together, but I want you to be able to achieve AND sustain your goal. Let’s get into today’s session where we dig into the root causes of behavior and further refine our approach together.  Are you ready?

Client: I’m excited to see what the next step is. 


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