Conversations with Clients:

“I need a meal plan.”

The following conversation is an example of how a 360 Wellness Coaching Certified Fitness Professional could address a client’s demand for a meal plan. 

Setting: Consultation room for the initial meeting with a prospect. Introductions and initial formalities have already been addressed.

Coach: Please share with me, what is your goal?

Client: I need a meal plan. Can you calculate my calories and macros?

Coach: I’m capable for sure. But tell me, what is the goal?

Client: I want to lose X lbs.

Coach: Okay, you want to lose X lbs. Great.

Client: Yes, but I need a meal plan.

Coach:  Why do you need a meal plan?

Client: Because I lost X lbs. before and I used a meal plan to get there.

Coach: Okay. (PAUSE) After you lost that weight, were you able to keep it off?

Client: No. The meal plan was too hard to follow for the long term.

I had to stop doing it.

But my last coach gave me a meal plan and I lost X lbs. and that worked.

Coach:  Okay. I hear you and appreciate you saw some success in the past with a meal plan. Now, what if instead, we imagine a different scenario? What if we could get you to your goal without a meal plan? Without having you pull out your phone to track your calories and macros every time you eat? Life is busy and full enough so if we can avoid adding the task of tracking every morsel you eat, let’s do that. I like to bring a minimal effective dose to our approach instead of the maximal tolerable restriction. 


Client: Is that even possible? I thought you had to have a meal plan to see results. That’s what all the people I follow seem to be doing.

Coach: Yes it’s possible! I want to create a path for you to achieve AND sustain your goals. That’s the beauty of 360 Wellness Coaching – together we tailor a path that gives you both effective and sustainable strategies so you can more easily continue to do it for as long as you want.

Client: I didn’t even think that was possible. If it is, I’m on board. How do we get started?

Coach: You’re really going to enjoy this. Let’s get you scheduled for your first 360 Wellness Coaching session.  


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