Conversations with Clients:

“I’m following (a particular approach) and still not seeing results.”

The following conversation is an example of how a 360 Wellness Coaching Certified Fitness Professional can address a client who is frustrated with a lack of results despite sincere effort. 

Setting: The first 360 Wellness Coaching session with a new client. 


Coach: What can I help with?

Client: I’m so frustrated. I’m following (keto, paleo, whole 30, sugar detox, low carb, carnivore,or etc.) and the scale won’t budge. It worked for my friend, but not for me. Maybe I’m too old or my metabolism is broken.

Coach: I see that you’re frustrated and I think I can offer some hope and some help. 

Client: I’m at my wit’s end. Please help.

Coach: I’m happy to. Let me start by reassuring you that your metabolism isn’t broken and that your age won’t stop us from getting results. 

Now, as for using a particular approach for weight loss, the single largest factor to consider is caloric intake.

Client: But I thought (this particular approach) was for weight loss.

Coach: Any approach can be used for weight loss or weight gain depending on the number of calories eaten. Even if I eat nothing but the “healthiest” imaginable food, but I eat 6000 calories of it a day, I’m going to put on weight. Does that make sense?

Client: Yeah, it does. 

Coach: With our time together, we’re going to take a different path. Instead of adopting a program that we have to fit your life in, we’re going to create a program that fits your life. 

Client: That sounds way better. With these other approaches, I’m just basing my choices on what worked for someone else I know.

Coach: And we’re going to sidestep that previous frustration by implementing customized strategies that are both effective and fit your lifestyle. That way your weight loss journey is easier and more enjoyable. Are you ready to get started? 

Client: Yes! 

Coach: Great. Let’s start by clarifying your goal. (360 Wellness Coaching session continues….)


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