Elevate Your Coaching Impact and Income with 360 Wellness Certification

As a dedicated fitness professional, you got into this field to create real, sustainable change for your clients.

But making a lasting impact is hard when relying solely on conventional exercise and nutrition coaching. Too often clients lose steam, revert to old habits, and end up feeling like failures after the initial motivation wears off.

You want to do more for them. And you deserve to get paid more for your expertise too.

That’s why the Healthy Behavior Institute developed our revolutionary 360 Wellness Coaching Certification.

We’re bringing the proven principles of behavior science to the fitness arena so that fitness and wellness coaches like you can guide clients to life-long health success while significantly increasing your earnings potential.


The Complete Solution for Coaches

Our 360 Wellness blueprint provides the complete solution – the knowledge, tools, and business framework – for you to offer a highly effective, recurrent coaching service that holistically supports clients to establish lasting habits.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Take a holistic wellness approach beyond just food and fitness to motivate sustainable behavior change

  • Leverage goodness of fit, habit stacking, and lifestyle design to help clients effortlessly stick with healthy changes 

  • Develop a clearly-defined service offering and marketing funnel to attract premium-paying ongoing coaching clients

What Makes 360 Wellness Coaching Different

The days of relying on sheer willpower and short-lived diet overhauls are over. 360 Wellness coaching works because it focuses on incrementally building up healthy new habits over time until fit choices become the default. It meets clients where they are instead of expecting them to conform to rigid, unrealistic programs that quickly fall apart under stress.

Our one-of-a-kind certification curriculum provides the complete blueprint for bringing 360 Wellness coaching into your existing personal training or nutrition consulting business to help more people achieve their goals while significantly increasing your income.

Read on to discover how 360 Wellness coaching uniquely equips you to sustainably impact more lives.

Bridge The Gaps Limiting Traditional Fitness Coaching

As a trainer, you expertly guide clients with exercise technique, program design, and injury prevention. As a nutrition coach, you educate them on managing macros, meal planning, and busting cravings. But even armed with this knowledge, many clients struggle to stay on track.

Too often, well-intentioned coaches create plans aligned with a client’s goals but not tailored to fit their unique lifestyle, obligations, preferences, and resources. This misalignment sets clients up to struggle rather than experience sustainable success.

Introducing 360 Wellness Professional Certification – The Missing Piece

360 Wellness coaching bridges all those gaps. It takes training beyond skill building to drive actual habit formation plus business training so you can launch 360 Wellness as a profitable service offering. It addresses stress management, health, mindset, and more so that whether you’re a health coach, life coach, personal trainer, or wellness coach, you can expand your toolbox to better serve your clients.

Our cutting-edge curriculum equips you with science-backed methodologies to promote clients’ long-term adherence.

With our turnkey business-in-a-box resources, you’ll be fully equipped to seamlessly add 360 Wellness coaching to your training menu and immediately start attracting new recurring revenue streams.

Breaking Down 360 Wellness Coaching

To understand 360 wellness coaching, let’s break down the key components of this phrase.

First, the “360” refers to taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to wellness. Rather than focusing on just one area like nutrition or exercise, 360 wellness coaching looks at the whole person and how different areas of life intersect to impact health and wellbeing.

A New Vision of Wellness

Next, “wellness” in this context goes beyond weight loss or clothing size to encompass living a healthier, happier, and more balanced lifestyle in a way that can be sustained long-term. Wellness coaching isn’t about quick fixes or extreme diets but about creating positive lifelong habits.

Expert Guidance

Finally, “coaching” emphasizes that a trained professional can guide, support, and motivate clients to reach their health goals using the 360 wellness approach. The wellness coach provides the necessary structure, an objective outside perspective, and the expertise to help clients overcome obstacles and integrate personalized strategies. The coaching relationship is collaborative with the client setting their own goals.

Contrast this to the standard model where an individual attempts to adopt a rigid diet or exercise program and fit their lifestyle around it. Though well-intentioned, this outdated approach often fails because it views nutrition and fitness as isolated from the rest of one’s life rather than an integrated part of it.

A key tenet of 360 wellness coaching is meeting people where they are – understanding their unique needs and circumstances – and then helping them incrementally make changes that align with their goals, resources, schedule, personality, and preferences.

This empathetic, tailored method gives people the best chance at succeeding long-term.

The Five Pillars of 360 Wellness Coaching

360 Wellness coaching provides complete lifestyle support structured around five core pillars:

1. Holistic Personalization

360 Wellness coaching takes a whole-person approach – understanding all the factors influencing a client’s physical, mental and emotional health. Too often, clients fail because they adopt an approach that may align with their goals, but doesn’t align with their lifestyle, obligations, resources, or preferences.

Instead of a narrow focus just on nutrition or fitness, 360 Wellness coaching uses the Healthy Behavior Assessment to explore ten different areas of a client’s life to reveal the most impactful places for them to focus their efforts. Wellness coaches then design fully customized strategies tailored to clients’ unique needs and environments.

2. Science-Backed Behavior Change

360 Wellness coaching rests on the proven principles of behavioral science. Our job as wellness coaches is to change people’s behaviors so they can make progress toward their goals. Yet until now, there was little to no discussion of behavioral science in the field of fitness.

With 360 Wellness, coaches are specially trained to uncover the root causes driving a client’s habits using evidence-based techniques. For example, chronic work stress might be triggering emotional eating. Equipped with an understanding of what’s truly holding someone back, coaches can then collaborate with clients to brainstorm sustainable solutions that address that root cause.

Our certification curriculum teaches coaches how to safely and effectively apply behavior change tools while still staying in their professional lane.

3. Minimal Effective Dose

Lasting change doesn’t happen overnight through extreme diets or intense exercise programs that quickly lead to burnout. Your clients already have a history of such failed endeavors. A different approach is needed.

360 Wellness coaching relies on the Minimal Effective Dose or “MED” – setting small, manageable strategies that gently stretch clients outside their comfort zone while setting them up for confidence-boosting success. For instance, starting strategies might adding a scoop of collagen to their morning coffee or going for a 10 minute walk after dinner.

This is a novel and refreshing approach for your clients, using small consistent gains to drive results rather than launching with unsustainable full-scale overhauls prone to failure. The MED approach leads to steadier progress without the repeated cycle of falling short that can damage self-esteem and motivation.

4. Goodness of Fit Over Accountability

Most clients don’t enjoy strict accountability which can make them feel like failures if they fall short of expectations. With 360 coaching, instead of holding clients rigidly accountable, wellness coaches collaborate to examine whether customized strategies are an authentic good fit – understanding clients’ unique circumstances and adjusting plans accordingly without judgment.

This empathetic approach offers clients relief knowing progress will be reviewed realistically rather than feeling pressured or ashamed if they struggle.

5. Habit Stacking Over Restriction

Willpower and motivation fade but habits endure.

360 Wellness coaching focuses on gradually building up new tiny habits over time until healthy choices become automatic. Instead of relying on restrictive plans and white-knuckling through temptation, the “habit stacking” process makes each micro habit so effortless that willpower isn’t required.

As these small changes accumulate, transformation unfolds. People come to intrinsically identify with their new emerging fit lifestyle instead of constantly battling old cravings or their previous identity.

These pillars equip 360 Wellness coaches to drive adherence and bring about positive lasting change in clients’ whole health and happiness.


The 360 Wellness Coaching Process

While every coaching relationship is unique, these steps give a general overview of what the 360 wellness coaching experience typically includes:

  1. 360 Assessment – A detailed lifestyle evaluation assessing nutrition, exercise, stress management, communication styles, motivators, barriers and more provides the complete holistic picture. This assessment gives your client the opportunity to examine their health and fitness like never before.

  2. Goal Clarification – Following our time-tested session guides, the wellness coach and client meet to establish rapport, clarify the client’s vision and goals, contrast how 360 Wellness coaching differs from previous failed attempts, and provide an overview model of our comprehensive nutrition approach. This grounds the work in the client’s unique aspirations while setting realistic expectations based on why typical strategies have stumbled. Clients leave feeling heard, understood and hopeful that this time can be different.

  3. Collaborative Strategy Setting – Client and wellness coach work together while keeping the client’s goals and values central, to set 1-3 specific initial strategies to focus on that stretch the client while remaining realistic. Applying behavioral science, coaches ensure that these strategies align with the same root causes of the client’s previous behavior.

  4. Reassessment & Refinement – The client and wellness coach meet frequently (every 1-4 weeks depending on the desired pace of progress) to formally reevaluate progress and learnings to celebrate wins, modify strategies as needed based on goodness of fit, and ensure the client is satisfied with rate of progress and is continually supported.

  5. Transition Planning – As the coaching runway comes closer to the end, the client and wellness coach actively discuss how to transition the support structures and customized strategies built up over months of working together so that new habits and lifestyle changes can sustainably carry on.

As you can see, 360 wellness coaching is not about quick fixes or generalized diet plans. It’s a customized journey focused on incrementally shifting all parts of life toward better long-term health and happiness. Expert guidance, customized strategies, and science-backed habit formation allow change to stick.

Get Started with 360 Wellness Coaching

If you’re a trainer or wellness coach interested in increasing your impact and income through coaching – our 360 Wellness certification has your name all over it.

You’ll establish an additional profitable service to provide clients with fully customized game plans for establishing lifelong wellness habits. Plus marketing resources and sales assets allow you to effortlessly promote the new offering.

We equip you with the complete package including:

  • Science-backed methodology

  • Easy-to-follow coaching sessions procedures

  • Business training

So you can start transforming more lives while growing your business at the same time.

Take the Next Step in Your Coaching Journey

We hope this article has shown how revolutionary 360 Wellness coaching is for both empowering clients and advancing your business as a fitness pro and wellness coach.

Now is the time to take your impact and income to the next level by enrolling in our best-in-class 360 Wellness Coaching Certification.

Our curriculum gives you everything you need including:

The Science:

– Foundations in positive psychology, habit formation, and proven behavior change modalities

– Nuanced coaching tools to uncover and address the hidden root causes holding clients back

The Skills:

  • Step-by-step methodology guides for facilitating assessment, collaborative goal setting, accountability tracking, progress reviews, and transition planning
  • Practical behavioral science knowledge to uncover root causes and drive targeted sustainable strategies while staying fully within a coach’s scope

The Business:

  • Plug and play done-for-you sales process and client materials
  • Models and frameworks to profitably scale your new recurring revenue service

With flexible online learning modules, you’ll finish fully equipped to start helping more clients succeed in building lifelong wellness habits…while significantly growing your business too!

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