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The Weight Loss Behavior Coaching Certification is a "business in a box," giving you all the systems, templates, and knowledge you need to add Behavior Coaching as a profitable income stream to your fitness practice.


You want to have an impact. The WLBC Certification is the piece you've been missing, bringing the science of behavior change to the field of fitness you can produce greater results.

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The Brand New Weight Loss Behavior Coaching™ Certification.


The Certified Weight Loss Behavior Coaching™ Course trains you to guide any client from any starting point — whether novice dieter to seasoned macro tracker. We’ve designed the certification’s hands-on information, strategies, and lessons for you to use immediately in your own coaching practice - to both dramatically impact your clients while simultaneously dramatically impacting your income.


First, we teach you the foundational concepts of behavior change. If you need to know it as a coach, we teach it in the certification.


Then, we teach you exactly how to apply this information to your clients to actually produce the results they want.


You’ll learn a system for adding Behavior Coaching as a service to produce additional income for you while at the same time providing a valuable and in-demand offering for your clients.


No other fitness education program has that focus. we can tell you that because if there was, we would have taken it ourselves.


Course Breakdown

Each Chapter includes an assigned reading section, an accompanying video, a workbook section to highlight the focus of the chapter, and a quiz to verify competency. Divided into 3 Foundational Sections, the WLBC Certification is specifically designed to teach you the real-world application of the science of behavior change in the field of fitness. 

Foundations 1 - All About You

  • Chapter 1: What We Believe
  • Chapter 2: What is Weight Loss Behavior Coaching?
  • Chapter 3: How Does Weight Loss Behavior Coaching Work?
  • Chapter 4: Mindset
  • Chapter 5: Stress Management
  • Chapter 6: Happiness
  • Chapter 7: Relationships
  • Chapter 8: Nutrition
  • Chapter 9: Health
  • Chapter 10: Physical
  • Chapter 11: Giving Fit Back

Foundations 2 - Weight Loss Behavior Coaching

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Weight Loss Behavior Coaching
  • Chapter 2: Talking Weight Loss Behavior Coaching
  • Chapter 3: Sales
  • Chapter 4: Weight Loss Behavior Coaching Sessions
  • Chapter 5: The 4 D’s
  • Chapter 6: Client Types
  • Chapter 7: Checklist Organizer

Foundations 3 - Problem Solved and Behavior Change

  • Chapter 1: The Psychology of Fitness
  • Chapter 2: The Root Causes of Behavior
  • Chapter 3: The Importance and Influence of Relationships
  • Chapter 4: Conformity
  • Chapter 5: Understanding Biases
  • Chapter 6: Executing a Plan that Works
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"I’ve been in the industry for over 3 decades and witnessed many good trainers prematurely leave because they felt disillusioned. For many of us, the number 1 culprit is that we only have two ‘tools’ in our delivery box: 1. Exercise prescription. 2. Nutrition advice. The Weight-loss behavior coaching course has provided me with additional tools and the framework to support my clients for the other 23 hours they spend outside of the gym. If you want to stand out from the crowd and deliver an even better service that will Wow your clients and bring in additional income, give these folks a go…….. you won’t regret it."

Steve S.


Become a Certified Weight Loss Behavior (WLBC) Coach

lifestyle coaching

Because The New Weight Loss Behavior Coaching Certification Is Like No Other Product Or Program You’ve Ever Seen Before. 


Most certifications add a little more knowledge but this certification will add an entirely new service that all your clients need and want.


You’re going to be empowered with the knowledge of exactly how to develop customized behaviors and strategies that fit each client's natural tendencies, goals, and lifestyle. And because you are providing more value, you will also be making more money. 


It’s perfect for any coach or trainer who wants to impact clients on a level they never thought possible!


We know how frustrating it can be to give clients good strategies in order to reach their goals only to see them stumble and fail over and over and over again. It’s disappointing for both you and them. It’s not your fault. And we know because we were there just like you – with plenty of access to information on the technical side of weight loss and body composition but no executable system on the science of behavior change.


So if you’re ready to position yourself as the go-to next-level expert in your area – then you’re going to love the new Certified Weight Loss Behavior Coaching™ (WLBC) Course. With just a few hours a week, this course can be completed and have you delivering this service in under 30 days.


And that’s exactly what you’re going to be able to do after you complete this course…seamlessly delivering our step-by-step system for coaching effective and sustainable behavior change.


In short, WLBC Certified Coaches are able to not only get their clients leaner and healthier…they are able to guide their clients to do it in a way where they can achieve and sustain those same goals for the long term.


A little backstory on how we developed the certification program, and why.


The WLBC Certification is actually born of a need we’ve learned from over 18 years of providing top-tier personal training services to thousands of clients. Yes, it comes from being coaches ourselves.


See, we (Scott and Nate) started off like many coaches. Deciding that we loved fitness and helping people, we set out to be fitness professionals. We took every course we could. We wanted to be the best and do right by our clients.

During the years that followed of working and consistently furthering our education, we continued to be frustrated with some clients' lack of progress. We could get them to work hard in the gym, but they were still so inconsistent with what they needed to do outside of the gym. We knew what our clients needed to do to lose the weight and get in the shape they wanted to, but saw them seemingly unable to consistently execute even the simplest of strategies. We knew what principles they needed to implement. And what's more, is that they knew we were right. They would agree with the assessment of their nutrition and their lifestyle, but they still stumbled and failed.

Sure, there were exceptions to this rule. There were clients that were compliant that we could point to that showed what was possible. But it wasn't the majority. We knew it wasn't right to just blame them and their supposed lack of willpower. They were hiring us to guide them to their goals and we were missing some tools to do it. Our quest was to discover or create a way for more of our clients to predictably achieve their goals.


Then fate stepped in.

Dr. Janine Stichter (Dr. J) started training at our gym. It just so happened that she had a Ph.D. in behavior change. After some inter-workout conversations, it was blatantly evident that her understanding of the underpinnings of behavior was the missing link in the fitness industry.

It wasn't long before she became part of our team. And with our respective expertise, we combined the world of psychology with the world of fitness, and our clients benefited. Our client retention (which was already good) got better. Clients commented that the customized paths we provided for them to reach their goals were easier to follow. Our impact on our clients increased and so did our income.

That’s why we wanted to do this certification.


We want to help dedicated coaches like you to have the system and the tools that allow you to earn more while also impacting your clients more. This is what the fitness industry has been missing – the marriage of the principles of fitness with the science of psychology.


The WLBC Certification is a massive step in that direction.

more income more impact

How Does It Work?


Step 1. Take the Course

It has everything. We don't hold back. We share the entire system you need to provide Behavior Coaching as a new service to produce better results for your clients and more income for you. Everything from videos, workbooks and business guidance down to the actual templates we use in sessions with our clients are included in the course. We want you to be successful and with this course, we give you everything you need to increase your impact and earn the money you want.

This is university-level educational material structured so as to function as a business in a box for you. You are going to be challenged by the depth and thoroughness of the content, but it's worth the effort to earn what you deserve and impact your clients like you want.



Step 2. Pass the Test

At the end of each core section, you will take a test to ensure that you understand the basic concepts covered in that section. Once you have completed each section, you will have earned your certification.

The testing isn’t “tricky,” but it does require that you know the information if you want to pass. A passing grade is 70 for each section. Each quiz is closed book and a passing grade is 70. Every quiz must have a passing grade to earn the certification.

Each quiz is untimed, and consists of multiple-choice and true/false questions. We want you to be successful and part of that success relies on your understanding of the material within the course.

Once completed, the certification counts towards CEU credits for ACE, NASM, and AFAA.



Step 3. Start Earning & Impacting with Behavior Coaching

Upon successful completion of the course and the quizzes, you will be prepared to earn more and impact more through behavior coaching.

The course is designed to provide you with all the tools and training you need to offer behavior coaching as a service to your clients. Once it's completed, it's time for the next journey to begin. You'll add to your current offerings by adding Behavior Coaching as another avenue to positively impact your clients while simultaneously adding more revenue to your coaching practice.

Once you've completed the course, you'll feel competent and confident to begin serving your clients at the next level through Behavior Coaching.

Become a Weight Loss Behavior Coach Today!


When you enroll today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • The Weight Loss Behavior Coaching™ Certification Course
  • 24 Core Modules and Video Lessons - over 19 hours of content 
  • The WLBC Workbook - to direct and reinforce your focus on the critical information you'll discover in the course
  • The Healthy Behavior Handbook- providing you with the foundational aspects of our comprehensive approach
  • Behavior Coaching Session Templates - the actual session by session templates we use so you have the framework and direction you need to effectively and efficiently deliver this as a service.  
  • Video Walk-Throughs of each Behavior Coaching Session so you understand the language and tempo you can apply to your clients
  • Access to the Healthy Behavior Assessment - this online tool will allow you to interact with your clients, uncover their current status, catalog strategies, and track their progress.

Plus, upon successful completion of the course and all exams you will also receive:

  • Access to CEU credits from NASM, ACE and AFAA
  • A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing
  • The ability to deliver Behavior Coaching as a service to better impact your clients and increase your income.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Setting: Online/Virtual

Expected Completion Time: 30 Days

And for a very limited time, you'll get a bonus unlike anything on the market when you enroll in the WLBC Certification. Just as working with clients one on one maximizes their success, we want the same for you. 

When you enroll now, you'll get access to the course creators with the following bonuses to maximize both your impact and your income:

  • an hour-long one-on-one call with Dr. Janine Stichter to address any of the questions you have on impacting clients through behavior change.

  • an hour-long one-on-one call with either Scott Schutte or Nate Kesterson to address all your business and income questions as you offer Behavior Coaching as a service to your clients.

Who Should Get WLBC Certified?

Any Coach, Trainer, or Fitness Professional who works with clients who have goals that include behaviors outside the gym. By earning this Certification you will be educated on how to implement a complete plug and play service that both improve your clients' results and increases your income. You'll set yourself apart when this course reveals to you:

  • why nutrition and diet discussions between exercises on the gym floor are not setting your clients up for compliance.
  • why understanding the technical side of nutrition is insufficient to elicit sustainable results for your clients
  • how to earn more money in less time while simultaneously having leaner, healthier, happier clients
  • how to apply the science of psychology to the field of fitness while still honoring the boundaries of your profession.

The Certified WLBC™ Course Goes Beyond

Other courses teach you how to deliver more on the training floor, to bring more value to your training sessions. This course not only provides you with that additional knowledge base but also gives you the framework and the tools to offer a new service that:

  • creates a new, more profitable income stream
  • provides reassurance to clients that there is a true path to leaner, healthier, and happier for them
  • sets clients up for success by matching strategies to the root causes of their unhealthy behaviors
  • provides a massive value add to both your clients and your leads
  • differentiates you from your competition

It is a business in a box that will grow your impact and your income.

With WLBC You Will be Able to Have the Impact You Want & Earn the Income You Deserve

You’ll have a complete understanding of not only what a proven, effective behavior coaching service looks like, but you’ll be an expert practitioner in how to effectively implement behavior coaching with your clients. This new service will deliver the lifestyle guidance your clients have been missing while creating a revenue stream for you to earn more money.

Become a Weight Loss Behavior Coach Today!

Get It Now for $799

CEU approved

NASM, ACE and AFAA Approved

Continuing Education Credits

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and the Athletic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), all recognize the value of the WLBC certification and have approved the Certification for CEU’s. The WLBC course has been accredited by NASM and approved for 1.6 continuing education credits. The AFAA has also approved the Weight Loss Behavior Coaching Certification for 1.6 credits. WLBC Certification has also been accredited and approved for 1.9 CEUs with ACE.

It’s great to be recognized by other major organizations like these and have them validate the quality information the WLBC certification course provides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Is the science of behavior change taught in a way I can understand and apply?”

A: As fitness professionals ourselves, we understand where you're coming from and your background. The WLBC Certification is intentionally designed with dedicated fitness professionals like you in mind. The lessons and the language throughout the course utilize your fitness oriented background as a springboard to teach you the science of behavior change as it relates to your practice.

Q: Is this certification “outside my lane?”

A: The scope and design of the WLBC Certification are specifically designed so you stay within the boundaries of your profession. This course is not about being a psychologist for your clients. This course does give you the tools to better deliver results to your clients by using the science of behavior change as they apply to the field of fitness.

Q: Why do I need to understand the science of behavior change?

Clients are coming to you to deliver results. They need to adjust their current behaviors to achieve and maintain those results. Simply telling them to stop doing particular habits does not work in the long term. When you have the knowledge and tools of behavior change at your fingertips, you can deliver results to your clients that are sustainable and that your clients actually find easier to adhere to.

Q: "Can I really increase my income with this certification?"

A: Absolutely. You know that the current approach in the fitness industry is not working for most people. People need a better path to their goals. Instead of the traditional approach of relying on willpower, WLBC uses the science of behavior change to guide clients to their goals and sustain them. This is a valuable service that everyone needs but very few provide. Within the course, you'll discover not only how to deliver the service, but you'll also be coached through the business side of the equation such as pricing, sales, packages, and more. We want you to be financially successful so we've made sure to include the material you need to grow your income. 

Q: "Can I really do this? Add a new service to impact my clients more while also making more money?"

A: The short answer is yes. The WLBC Certification is not only a comprehensive course on how to apply the principles of behavior change to your clients to produce the results they're coming to you for, it is also a "business in a box." Upon completion, you'll have the knowledge you need to better impact your clients and you'll have the framework you need to dramatically grow your income.