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HBI was created by two personal trainers and one Ph.D. behaviorist to teach trainers how to create long-lasting behavior change that will get their clients more than just results in the gym but in facets of health like stress management, happiness and more.

360 Wellness Coaching is an individualized and holistic approach to addressing your client’s goals by creating real-world, sustainable strategies that focus on the areas they truly value.

Although training is an essential catalyst for change, it is often the other 23 hours of the day that your clients need to address to see the results they want. This is where 360 Wellness Coaching fits in. The process begins with an assessment that reveals where your clients actually want to see progress and simplify their areas of focus to a realistic level that avoids becoming overwhelmed like they’ve experienced with past fitness efforts.

With their areas of focus revealed, the process continues through the creation and implementation of sustainable strategies that complement your client’s natural tendencies and align with their real goals. Through routine reassessment, Weight Loss Behavior Coaching adapts to the dynamic challenges of your client’s life and progresses to meet their ever-evolving goals.

We all do better with a coach and accountability. Your clients consistently show up to train because you provide that in the gym. 360 Wellness Coaching gives you the platform to provide that same level of professional guidance and accountability to your clients for their hours outside of the gym.

Your clients will be allowed to clarify their actual goals and identify the obstacles standing in their way with a quick and simple assessment. You’ll be able to use the results that assessment to craft individualized strategies that help them navigate their daily schedule and obstacles and still see progress.

360 Wellness Coaching gives your clients a customized path to their goals with you as their guide.

The industry is filled with people who can deliver a hard workout for their clients. Yet, many people paying for these services continue to see little to no results from their efforts in the gym.

People need clarity on their goals. People need someone to help them navigate the obstacles and obligations within their day that keep them from their goals.

360 Wellness Coaching certification gives you the tools to be that person for your clients. You’ll stand apart from the many who just deliver hard workouts. You’ll rise above the ones who copy and paste workout plans, meal plans and then blame clients for not being able to adhere to them. You will learn how topics like stress management, mindset and relationships are impacting your clients fitness goals. You will also learn how to approach these difficult topics.

You will be the one who can guide each client through the misinformation they’re drowning in and past the guilt from a history of previous failures. You’ll be the one to provide them the individualized tools and strategies that they need to succeed in the areas they genuinely care about. You’ll be the one who can adapt to their ever-changing lives and schedules and continue to deliver value to them. And they, in turn, will keep coming back to you because you can. You will become your client’s trusted go-to fitness expert.

The 360 Wellness Coaching is specifically designed to accomplish two things: impact your clients’ results and impact your income. 

While the vast majority of courses out there give you more tools and tactics to use during your session with your client to deliver a more challenging workout, you know that’s not the obstacle keeping most people from their fitness and weight loss goals. 

For most people, it’s their actions and behaviors outside of the gym that are sabotaging their efforts. 

The 360 Wellness Coaching goes beyond the gym to deliver real results that will have your clients refer more people to you. 

This course is unlike any other available and expands your skillset well beyond the walls of the gym. 

360 Wellness Coaching is the marriage of the tenets of psychology to the field of fitness. 

The technical side of training and nutrition has been a staple of the fitness field for decades, but the behavioral side has been absent until now. 360 Wellness Coaching brings the power of psychology to the practice of guiding clients to their weight loss goals. 

Most of your clients are coming to you for weight loss. 

Many of them know the principles they need to adhere to achieve that weight loss. Yet still most do not achieve those very weight loss goals. 

For too long, fitness professionals have learned and shared the technical aspects of training and nutrition with their clients, but this has repeatedly proven to be an inadequate approach for clients. 

The field of psychology provides the necessary tools in conjunction with your existing fitness expertise to get consistent, effective behavior change from your clients and produce the results they want. 

No, the content is intentionally taught in context you’re familiar with, working with your clients, but overlays that context with the principles of psychology so you can deliver effective strategies that your clients can be consistent with. 

You’re a fitness professional and throughout this course you’ll stay well within the realm of fitness, but upon completion of the course, you’re armed with the powerful knowledge you need to produce real results for your clients. 

It may seem like a daunting undertaking to bring the principles of psychology to your coaching practice at first, but rest assured that the course is designed with you in mind. This course was created for fitness professionals by fitness professionals, who like you, needed a better approach to produce consistent and dramatic results for their clients.

There are three tiers of coaches out there. The least sophisticated tell their clients to stop doing something – “Stop eating the ice cream” or “stop having fast food.” This approach relies on willpower, which you know is limited. Sooner or later (usually sooner), the client in question reverts to the very behavior that they were supposed to avoid. This leads to few results, numerous disappointments, and untold frustration on both the coach’s and the client’s behalf. There is little nuance to this approach and little sustained results. 

The second tier of coaches offers replacements to their clients – “Instead of eating candy, try these carrot sticks” or “Substitute your caramel macchiato with black coffee.” This approach is far better than the previous one but relies on chance. Some of these substitutions will work while others will fail abysmally. The reason for the success or failure of the different substitutions is a mystery to the coach at this second tier. If only a coach at this tier understood some foundational psychology, the results they produced with their clients would be more consistent and more dramatic.

Enter Weight Loss Behavior Coaching and the marriage of psychology with the field of fitness. Here we find the most sophisticated tier of coach, a coach who offers healthier replacement behaviors that match the same root cause as the unhealthy behavior, that is to say, a coach who offers replacements that keep their client fulfilled and consistent while simultaneously producing results. 

Applying psychology to fitness means understanding the reasons (the root causes) of your clients’ behaviors and crafting healthier strategies that continue to fulfill those needs. This skill set is a game-changer. It will take you, your clients, and your career to the next level.

The 360 Wellness Coaching certification not only teaches you how to more effectively and efficiently guide your clients to the weight loss they’re pursuing but also teaches you how to create a new revenue stream by offering WLBC as its own unique, stand-alone service, in person or virtually, that can dramatically augment the revenue from your training offerings. 

The vast majority of courses out there teach you how to finesse the training sessions you’re already offering. The 360 Wellness approach provides you the opportunity to add an entirely new service to your offerings, a service you can provide for your current clients, new clients, and even clients who don’t even train with you. In doing this, 360 Wellness provides multiple opportunities for you to grow your revenue.