Straight to the point: Money is important.

Yes, you need and want to bring value and impact to your clients.

But money is also important.

The purpose of this page is to show you how offering a service specifically dedicated to behavior change can dramatically impact your income.

To demonstrate this fact, you’ll simply need to enter two numbers in the fields on the left.

To demonstrate this fact, you’ll simply need to enter two numbers in the fields on top.

The first number is the extra income you want to earn each month. Do you want to make enough to offset your car payment? Earn enough to pay for your rent? Maybe make enough to leave that unfulfilling job you’re holding on to? The choice is yours.

The second number is the hourly rate you charge for personal training or the going hourly rate for personal training in your area.

Input those two numbers and the calculator below will show you how many hours you’d need to work to make that amount through offering Behavior Coaching as a service. Most people are  surprised by how few hours it actually is.

So, try several different scenarios. Your car payment, a much needed quarterly vacation, or maybe a weekly date night. Imagine having that extra income. And when you’re ready to begin making those income targets into reality, put your email in below and get instant access to Behavior Coaching Business Blueprint. You’ll receive concrete action steps to begin impacting your income while simultaneously producing better results for the people you serve.

You will only have to work X more hours per week to realize your desired additional income.

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