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Transform your gym through our proven system rooted in behavior change.

We understand your challenges as a gym owner because we are gym owners.

You’re tired of stressing about making enough money. Your family misses you when your mind is constantly at the gym. Your staff doesn’t know how to grow themselves or their clients, and there is a constant worry about turnover. You’re working on bringing in new clients, but also have to work on retaining the ones you have. It’s a constant hamster wheel.

Stop that unwanted hamster wheel for good.
After twenty years in the business, we’ve created something that actually works.
We’ve teamed up with a Dr. of Behavior Science to help gym owners increase revenue through a behavior-based coaching program that changes people’s lives.

Here's How

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The HBI difference


We help your team understand how behavioral psychology works so that they can help their clients create sustainable habits.


We offer a flat fee to train your entire team. Each coach will finish the program with a 360 wellness coaching certification.


Expect ongoing support, innovation software, and a seamless implementation plan once training is completed.


We create sustainable business models built on memberships to provide competitive and fair pricing for clients.


We help your team convert newcomers into members and boost your bottom line with essential supplements and upgraded memberships

Money-Back Guarantee: If you use our services for 30 days and are not happy, we'll refund you, no questions asked.

What’s in it for gym owners?

1. Increase Your Revenue: Our behavior-based coaching isn’t just innovative, it’s transformative. Become the go-to for life-changing results and watch your profits soar.

2. Step Up, Step Back: Take your hands off the weights and take your gym business to the next level. We make it possible for you to lead from afar, enjoying the balance you’ve dreamed of.

3. Invest in Your People: Amp up your team’s skills with zero planning or implementation from you. We’re talking cutting-edge behavioral science training that turns your coaches into client magnets.

4. Go Beyond the Basics: Shatter the mold with personalized client strategies that delve deep—way beyond the standard workout or diet plan.

5. Price Smart, Earn Big: Introduce sustainable, membership-based pricing models that keep clients happy and your revenue healthier than ever.

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Let's redefine the fitness industry through the power of lasting change

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