Should You Offer Behavior Coaching As a Service? 

Environment & Timing Matter

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The short answer is: you need to offer behavior coaching as a separate service to if you want to have more impact. 

The fact is that trying to cover the impactful strategies in behavior coaching on the gym floor is impossible from a practical point of view. 

Let’s do a short thought experiment to demonstrate this. 

Think about when you’re training 💪. 

You’re halfway through your workout.

You’re short of breath.

You’re trying to keep the appropriate positions throughout your movements.

You’re counting reps.

You’re managing your rest times.

And, if you’re working at a 9 out of 10, maybe you’re also questioning some of your life decisions 😀.

But seriously, you’re using up most of your bandwidth to train. 


Now imagine if, in that state, I start giving you useful, technically sound, scientifically backed, personality-aligned, effective strategies to help you reach your goal. 

Even as well-intentioned and correct as I might be, how good is your retention going to be? 

On a good day, the answer would still be “poor.”

That’s the space your clients are in when they’re training, though most probably aren’t as comfortable as you are in the gym. 

They’ve got all the above challenges and more. 

They’re also worried about how others are perceiving them in the gym. 

They’re uncertain if they’re doing the exercise right.

They’re constantly wondering if they’re feeling it in the right muscles.

They’re close to exhaustion.

Now, even with the best of intentions, you can deliver potentially life-changing health and fitness advice to them during this, but your efforts are going to fall short. 

Now imagine if you shared that same life-changing information with your client, but you did it off the gym floor. 

You could take your client to a space that oriented the brain a bit away from the frame of “get ready to work.”

In that relaxed, comfortable space, your client could devote all their attention to the strategies and tactics you shared with them. 

Even on a bad day, their retention would be good. 

If you give them the space and the time to be able to absorb the right information, they’ll be far better positioned to consistently execute on that info. 

Merely having the correct information to deliver to your clients is not enough. Environment and timing matter. That is why the service of behavior coaching is a necessary component of your fitness practice. 

So, to better serve your clients, you’re kind of obligated to deliver Behavior Coaching as a separate service. 


To sum it up…The Summary:

  • Due to numerous factors, offering strategies and advice on the gym floor is often ineffective. 
  • Behavior Coaching provides a unique time and environment to share individualized strategies and that leads to far greater retention and execution.


One sentence takeaway:

Giving your client the unique time and environment that Behavior Coaching provides makes them far more receptive to and able to execute on your advice.

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