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You’re tired of stressing about making enough money. Your family misses you when your mind is constantly at the gym. Your staff doesn’t know how to grow themselves or their clients, and there is a constant worry about turnover. You’re working on bringing in new clients, but also have to work on retaining the ones you have. It’s a constant hamster wheel.

Stop that unwanted hamster wheel for good.
After twenty years in the business, our team created something that actually works. Through our collaboration as seasoned trainers and a Dr. of Behavior Science, we help gym owners increase revenue through a behavior-based coaching program that changes people’s lives.

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We help your team understand how behavioral psychology works so that they can help their clients create sustainable habits.


We offer a flat fee to train your entire team. Each coach will finish the program with a 360 wellness coaching certification


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We create sustainable business models built on memberships to provide competitive and fair pricing for clients.


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Unlock Your Potential: The Ultimate Guide to the Personal Trainer Certifications

Welcome to the gateway of possibility—a world where passion meets profession, where health and wellness intertwine with expertise and guidance. The journey toward becoming a top-tier certified personal trainer in the fitness industry is not just a career choice; it’s a transformative step towards empowering lives, fostering wellness, and sculpting a future fueled by dedication and knowledge.

At Healthy Behavior Institute (HBI), we understand the pivotal role a certified personal trainer plays in shaping individual wellness journeys. To produce results that a majority of clients want, your knowledge needs to extend beyond just lifting weights or running laps. Understanding nutrition is the next logical step for many, since we all understand that properly shaping our clients food intake is a critical cornerstone of most clients’ goals.

But even with that knowledge, and in-depth understanding of exercise science and nutrition science, most certified personal trainers fail to guide their clients to their goals. 

What are they missing? Good intentions and technical know-how aren’t enough to sculpt a healthier tomorrow. After all, your clients don’t lack information. they have more access to it than ever before.  So what is it?  

This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the path to personal trainer certification, shed light on the shortfalls of the traditional approach, and showcase the missing piece of the puzzle. In a world brimming with opportunities, the significance of being a certified personal trainer cannot be overstated. It’s not merely about acquiring a title; it’s about embarking on a career path that enables you to make a profound impact.

Join us as we delve into the essence of certification, explore the intricacies of our 360 Wellness Certification, and witness firsthand how this journey can transform not just your career, but your entire outlook on health and well-being.

By the end of this article, you’ll not only understand a better way to serve your clients, but also how to better further your fitness career. 

We created HBI to be a beacon of excellence in this domain and lighten the path for dedicated, results driven certified personal trainers. 

So, whether you’re a fitness enthusiast seeking to transition into a professional role or an established trainer looking to further elevate your expertise, this guide is your compass to navigate the enriching realm of personal trainer certifications.

Join us as we unravel the secrets, debunk myths, and unlock the true potential that lies within you.

In this article, we’ll explore the usual path of a hopeful and well intentioned trainer, illuminate the obstacles with each new progression, and reveal a better, more complete path to both growing your impact and your income. 

Let’s begin. 

Phase One: Exercise Science

If you’re exploring this page, you already have begun the journey of exploration with personal training certifications, you may even already be a personal trainer. And your path may have begun like many of us – the gym or sports brought something special to your life. You found progress, success, and even purpose in physical culture. You pursued it for your own purposes. 

And it served you well. You found satisfaction and peace in the pursuit. 

and then it dawned on you how beneficial even a minuscule fraction of that dedicated approach you bring to table could help so many people. 

The thought process went something like: “I have found success and fulfillment in physical pursuits, if I could guide others to those same types of benefits, their lives would be healthier and happier, and I could make money in the process. That would be awesome.” 

So you worked with a few friends and family and helped them make progress on their goals. 

You understood that you had a real knack for this. 

It was time to take the next step. 

So, you got online and did your research on the certification programs available. 

You decided on an initial certification to make you formal.

Maybe you decided on the ACE certification exam (American Council on Exercise), maybe it was NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), maybe ACSM cpt, maybe it was NSCA., or maybe you chose a different, specialized personal trainer certification.

You studied the personal training course, you took the certification exam, got your cpr aed certification, and you officially became a certified personal trainer. 

Step one was done. 

Into the Real World

Now with your embossed certificate, it was time to get to work: from providing exercise programs to friends and family to an official personal trainer guiding clients. 

You approached gyms or health clubs asking if they needed personal trainers. 

You found a facility that wanted you onboard and you started working with real people. 

You gained experience and pushed people hard in their workouts. Things were good. 

They worked hard session after session. Their weights and reps improved. You counted yourself among the exercise professionals.

Yet, for the majority of your clients, when it came time to check things like weight and body fat, most didn’t see the results they were coming to you for. 

This happened again and again. 

You knew something was missing. 

Now, maybe you’ve already gone through this phase, and maybe you’re still at the contemplation stage of this phase, but this is the typical first phase for many trainers: passion for the fitness culture translates into a professional pursuit that leads to repeated frustration for both you and your clients. 

Despite your passion and understanding of the gym, your clients aren’t seeing the results they want. 

Double Down

Being the dedicated professional you are, you double down. 

What do you clients need that you’re not guiding them on? 




(Light bulb springs to life in your mind)

The answer is NUTRITION. 

And this begins phase two of a personal trainer’s career and their pursuit of different personal training certifications. 

Phase Two: Nutrition Science

Met with the disappointment and frustration of seeing a majority of your clients not achieve their goals, you dive into the subject that you know will be the key to unlocking their results – nutrition. 

Again, you get online and do your research. 

You find a personal trainer certification focused on nutrition. Maybe you landed on precision nutrition. maybe it was ISSA. You did your research and found one that spoke to the obstacles and issues you were seeing with your personal trainer clients. 

Enrolled, you worked your way through the course. 

You began to understand why the weight loss and body fat loss that so many of your clients were pursuing was evading them. You completed the trainer certification for nutrition and were ready to share with your clients.

Bringing Nutrition to Your Clients

With your new knowledge and new personal training certification, you started to introduce the concepts and principles you were learning to your clients. 

They were happy to see you continuing to add value to their experience and that your efforts were addressed to resolve the issues they were experiencing. 

You shared the scientifically sound strategies, meal plans, and macro plans that you knew would produce the results for your clients. 

This felt like the missing piece.

You were on the horizon a a brand new day where you had the exercise science knowledge and the nutrition science knowledge to produce real results for your clients. 

You felt like you had the secrets fitness world at your disposal and that you were going to be instrumental in changing people’s lives. 

You had science to back you up. 

But then when it came time to check in on clients and their progress, you didn’t see what you expected. 

The strategies you provided, although scientifically sound, weren’t enough. 

Some clients never even got them integrated into their lives. 

Others were able to start them, but only maintain them for a brief period of time. 

You were left scratching your head.

What was the issue? 

Double Check

You are diligent. You recalculate the macros and calories.

The macro prescriptions were right on. 

The meal plans would definitively produce weight loss and fat loss. There was no doubt. 

The strategies and substitutions you provided would, without question, produce the caloric deficit necessary to produce results. 

So where is the disconnect? 

The science is sound but compliance is off. 

do you clients actually not want what they say the want? 

Why aren’t they following a plan that would definitely produce the results they say they want? 

This highlights the big shortcoming with the fitness industry today. 

The technical knowledge is there, but the overarching viewpoint is incomplete and here’s how. 

Fitness is not Siloed Off

Many fitness professionals out there are providing technically correct information to their clients.

As a certified personal trainer, you understand your client’s health and fitness goals, you understand proper fitness training, and you understand how to shape their calories and nutrition to help them make progress toward their goals.

Yet all this technical know-how isn’t producing the results your clients are coming to you for.

That’s where most personal trainers find themselves.

The good news is that they’re just missing one critical piece. Keep reading.

Phase Three: Behavioral Science

As a dedicated trainer, you were left confused after finding that neither your exercise knowledge nor nutrition knowledge was enough. Technically sound strategies weren’t being followed. What could be missing?

That’s when you discovered the next progression for exceptional personal trainers – behavioral science.

You realized that while exercise and nutrition are critical pillars, they do not exist in isolation. For your clients to succeed, their plans needed to align seamlessly with the reality of their daily lives.

You learned that generic prescriptions, although backed by impeccable science, fail to account for the diverse circumstances and preferences of each unique client. As a result, you shifted your focus towards truly understanding what makes each client tick.

You started assessing their individual personalities, current habits, family and work commitments, access to resources, and a myriad of other factors. Only after grasping their unique circumstances could you start crafting strategies tailored to their behavioral patterns and environments.

Instead of handing them rigid templates to follow, you collaborated with clients to shape flexible plans that aligned with their personal tendencies and resources. You stopped trying to fit square pegs into round holes and started meeting each client where they were at.

This approach was a game changer. By accounting for individual contexts and collaborating on solutions, you finally started seeing consistent results. Clients were more motivated because the plans resonated with their actual lives instead of an idealized template.

You realized the missing key was understanding the behavioral science behind lasting change. With this knowledge, you could address the root of the issue rather than repeatedly tweaking surface-level plans.

As a trainer guided by behavioral science, you’ve elevated from technician to true collaborator and partner in your client’s journey. You enable success by bridging the gap between goals and reality, hopes and habits.

But where do you turn for a trustworthy personal trainer certification on behavior science?

360 Wellness Coaching Certification

That’s why we created the Behavior Science Powered 360 Wellness Coaching Certification, where you discover how to apply behavioral science to your clients fitness goals while staying in your professional lane.

We created this course because we’ve been where you are: frustrated that the scientifically sound technical information you’ve worked so hard to possess isn’t creating the results you want for clients.

We knew that there was a missing piece in the fitness industry. And fortune had two experienced coaches and one phd in behavior change partner up to create the Healthy Behavior Institute and the Behavior Science-Powered 360 Wellness Coaching Certification.

This course not only teaches you how to apply behavior science to the field of fitness, but it also shows you how to use that knowledge to create a new service – 360 Wellness Coaching – to not only better serve your clients, but also increase your income.

So, does this story sound like your career path? Does this resonate with where you currently find yourself? If you’re new to the field, would you like to fast track your success and reputation?

It’s time to ask yourself: Am I ready take the next step as an elite trainer?

If so, enroll in the Behavior Science-Powered 360 Wellness Coaching Certification and propel your career and the results you produce to new levels.